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  1. In this lesson, we will learn how to read and interpret maps using grid referencing. We will explore how to locate features on a map using grid references and gain an understanding of the importance of this skill in Outdoor and Adventurous Activity (OAA).


Please note this lesson will require additional equipment, beyond a pen, pencil or paper. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video and make sure your child is adequately supervised when equipment is required. Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice provided at the start of this lesson and the instructions the teacher gives during the lesson.

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  • Physical activity required.


Adult supervision recommended.


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3 Questions

What item of equipment can help you locate things?
A car
Correct answer: A map
A rucksack
True or false? It is important to know your exact location if on a hike in the country side.
Correct answer: True
Which of these activities is an example of outdoor and adventurous activities? Select two.
Correct answer: Hiking
Correct answer: Rock climbing

3 Questions

What is a grid reference?
A map reference of horizontal lines.
Correct answer: A map reference of vertical and horizontal lines.
A map reference of vertical lines.
When reading a grid reference which line do you read first?
Correct answer: Horizontal line.
Vertical line.
What is the correct definition of evaluation?
Making a decision about a situation.
Correct answer: Making a judgement about the quality, amount or value of something.
Predicting the outcome of a situation before it occurs.

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UnitPhysical education / Outdoor and adventurous activity: Developing critical thinking

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