Reading and interpreting line graphs

Reading and interpreting line graphs

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn to read line graphs accurately in order to make factual statements based on the information displayed.


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4 Questions

Every line graph must include which of the following features?
A title
Correct answer: A title, an X-axis and a Y-axis label
A wiggly line
An X-axis and a Y-axis label
During the lesson we worked together to interpret different line graphs. Can you identify a suitable synonym for the word 'interpret'?
Correct answer: Explain
Look at the line graph below. Which of the following statements is true?
All of the above statements are false
Correct answer: The temperature decreased over time
The temperature stayed the same over time
Look at the blank line graph below. What information would this line graph NOT be able to show us?
All of the above
How far a person has walked during the day
Correct answer: How many hours a person slept for each night during one week
How tall a plant has grown in a week

5 Questions

On a line graph measuring the temperature of a city between 6AM and 6PM, a line gradually going down (decreasing) would indicate which of the following things?
That it has started to rain heavily
The temperature has remained the same
Correct answer: The temperature is gradually getting cooler
The temperature is gradually getting warmer
On a line graph measuring the distance travelled by a person in a car, a flat line could suggest which of the following statements?
Correct answer: The car has a flat tyre
The car has increased its speed during the journey
The car has turned around and is heading home
The car is driving slowly in a 20mph zone
On a line graph measuring temperatures of a city, what would you usually expect to see the data line to be doing during the hours of 6AM and 12PM?
Go up and down repeatedly like a wiggly line
Gradually decrease
Correct answer: Gradually increase
Stay flat across this time interval
Look carefully at the line graph. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
The highest temperature of the day was recorded at 3PM
Correct answer: The temperature at midnight was the coldest time of the day
The temperature decreased most rapidly between 3PM and 6PM
The temperature recorded at 9AM and 6PM was the same
The Line Graph below recorded the average temperature of a country across a 12 month period. However, unfortunately the title has been rubbed out. Looking at the data, can you identify which country the data could represent?
Correct answer: Ireland

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