Year 2

Planning the climax of ‘Lucky Dip'

I can plan the climax of 'Lucky Dip'.

Year 2

Planning the climax of ‘Lucky Dip'

I can plan the climax of 'Lucky Dip'.

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Lesson details

Key learning points

  1. The purpose of the climax is to describe the problem and create the highest point of tension.
  2. Our plan will contain ambitious vocabulary.
  3. Our plan will contain nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
  4. Using ambitious vocabulary helps to paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and make writing exciting to read.

Common misconception

Pupils may find it hard to remember all the action in the climax.

Teach pupils to break down the climax into smaller sections and then focus on what happened in that section. Provide children will printed images from the animation, to support them with planning their climax.


  • Ambitious vocabulary - high-level language in writing that meets the text purpose

  • Planning - creating a framework before writing a section or whole text

To ensure pupils have a strong understanding of the events in the climax, you may want to use a drama game such as 'freeze frames' to get the pupils to act out the key moments in advance of this lesson.
Teacher tip


You need access to the 2001 animation ‘Lucky Dip’ by Emily Skinner for this lesson.


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6 Questions

Where does Emily enter in the build-up?
a beach hut
Correct answer: an arcade
a fish restaurant
Who does Emily see first in the arcade?
her gandparents
the bunny
Correct answer: the Pin Man
What does Emily do when she sees the Pin Man?
She talks to him.
She waves at him.
Correct answer: She hides from him.
What is so special about the bunny Emily sees in the Lucky Dipper machine?
Correct answer: He is alive.
He is very soft.
He is holding a gold coin.
Why does Emily leave the arcade?
She is scared of the bunny.
Correct answer: Her grandad pulls her out.
The Pin Mn carries her out.
Fronted adverbials of time will need which of these after it?
a full stop
a question mark
Correct answer: a comma

6 Questions

Put these parts of a story staircase in the correct order.
1 - opening
2 - build-up
3 - climax
4 - resolution
What is the most exciting part of a story structure?
Correct answer: climax
Which of these is a purpose of the climax?
to describe the setting
to describe the main characters
Correct answer: to describe the challenge or problem
Which of these is another purpose of the climax?
to introduce the problem
Correct answer: to create lots of tension
to resolve any problems and end the story
In the climax, how does the Lucky Dipper machine become smashed?
Emily pushes it over.
The bunny pushes it over.
Correct answer: The Pin Man pushes it over.
What does Emily land on when she falls through the hole?
Correct answer: sand