Year 11

Confident comparison of writers' attitudes in non-fiction texts

I can make confident comparisons between attitudes in non-fiction texts.

Year 11

Confident comparison of writers' attitudes in non-fiction texts

I can make confident comparisons between attitudes in non-fiction texts.

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Key learning points

  1. The best responses are those which examine complexities in the writers’ perspectives.
  2. You can also look for inconsistencies in writers’ attitudes.
  3. Methods should be linked to attitudes.
  4. Adverbs and adjectives support the evaluation of writers’ attitudes and methods.
  5. Tentative language facilitates the writing of confident comparisons.

Common misconception

Students often think that in order to sound confident, they need to make definitive statements and refuse to admit any other point of view.

Tentative language is often they way to show that you have considered all points of view.


  • Inconsistency - containing ideas, statements that contradict each other

  • Complexity - the state of having many parts or being difficult to understand

  • Excessive - more than is necessary, normal or desirable

  • Counter argument - acknowledgement of another idea and then refuting it

Support students' understanding of counterargument by offering a series of debatable statements and encouraging them to identify how the argument could be challenged or undermined. This could be good paired work.
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6 Questions

Which of the following is the closest synonym for the adjective 'confident'?
Correct answer: assured
What do we call words like "although" and "whilst?
Correct Answer: conjuctions, conjunction, subordinating conjunction
In analysing a text, what do we mean by the advice to use tentative language?
to use strong and definitive statements
to express opinions without hesitation
Correct answer: to employ language that expresses possibility
The following are what type of verbs: could, might, can?
Correct Answer: modal verbs , modal
Which of the following is the best definition of a thesis statement?
a concise paragraph summarising your point of view
Correct answer: an introduction that previews the essay's main ideas
a concise conclusion to an essay, summarising your point of view
a concise conclusion at an essay;s main points
What does not need to be included in a thesis statement?
words from the essay question
the main ideas in the essay
Correct answer: quotations from the text

6 Questions

What is the missing word in the following sentence: Confident analysis can be summed up as being bold enough to explore the of texts.
Correct Answer: complexities
Match the words on the left with the synonyms on the right.
Correct Answer:inconsistency,difference


Correct Answer:complexity,complicated


Correct Answer:lighthearted,cheery


Which of the following uses tentative language?
The writer thinks that homework can be excessive.
The writer believes that homework is excessive.
Correct answer: The writer could be saying that homework is excessive.
What are we using when we present an alternative point of view and then use it to support our own position?
Correct Answer: counterargument, counter-argument, counter argument
Which two of the following starter sentences indicate the use of a counter argument?
It is clear that...
Correct answer: You might think...
Correct answer: Some people believe that...
The first thing to consider...
In the following sentence, which word links the method to the attitude: The use of the oxymoron "bitter sweet" emphasises how conflicted the writer feels.
Correct answer: emphasises

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