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  1. In this lesson, we will learn how the Irish Rebellion and Great Remonstrance caused the relationship between King and Parliament to break down for the last time.


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5 Questions

Why did Charles I call back Pparliament in Nov 1641?
Charles felt guilty about his 11 years of personal rule.
Charles missed the wise advise MPs used to give him.
Correct answer: Charles was in desperate need of money after paying off the Covenanters.
Who did the Long Parliament impeach? (Tick all that apply)
Duke of Buckingham
Correct answer: Earl of Strafford
John Pym
Correct answer: William Laud
What did the Triennial Act do?
Correct answer: Make it law that parliament had to be in session at least once every three years.
Make it law that Parliament had to be in session at least once every year.
Make it law that Parliament would always be in session.
How did Charles try and prevent Strafford's execution?
By dissolving Parliament.
By hiding Strafford in Whitehall Palace
Correct answer: By refusing to pass the Act of Attainder.
How did Strafford's execution cause further problems for Charles I?
Charles became very angry with Parliament and imprisoned many of them.
Charles was glad as now he could control the Irish army.
Correct answer: It proved to Parliament the King could be pushed around.

5 Questions

How were the Irish and English divided?
Correct answer: The Irish were Catholics and the English were Protestant.
The Irish were Presbyterian and the English were Protestant.
The Irish were Protestants and the English were Catholic.
Who blocked Charles I from receiving money to help him stop the Irish Rebellion?
Earl of Strafford
Jenny Geddes
Correct answer: John Pym
How many of Charles' mistakes did the Great Remonstrance highlight?
Correct answer: 241
What were the five members accused of?
Theft - Charles had lost the crown jewels.
Treason - by plotting to murder the King.
Correct answer: Treason - by working with the National Covenant.
Define tyrant:
A cruel ruler who works alongside Parliament.
Correct answer: A cruel ruler with absolute power.
A ruler who lets the public make decisions on how the country should be ruled.