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  1. In this lesson, we will use pizza problems to explore the connection between fractions and division.


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5 Questions

Which pair of equivalent fractions are represented here?
An image in a quiz
One half and two quarters
Correct answer: One quarter and three twelths
One third and four twelfths
Two thirds and four sixths
Which fraction is equivalent to two thirds?
Five sixths
Correct answer: Four sixths
One sixth
Two sixths
Which fraction is equivalent to one fifth?
Two eighths
Two quarters
Two sixths
Correct answer: Two tenths
Which of these is incorrect?
One fifth is equivalent to two tenths
One half is equivalent to two quarters
One quarter is equivalent to two eighths
Correct answer: One third is equivalent to two fifths
True or False: The numerator and denominator can be multiplied by the same number to find an equivalent fraction.
Correct answer: True

5 Questions

If you share 1 cake between 4 people, how much does each person get?
One half
Correct answer: One quarter
Three quarters
Two thirds
How else could we write one third?
Correct answer: 1 ÷ 3
1 ÷ 4
2 ÷ 3
3 ÷ 3
2 ÷ 3 is the same as....
One third
One whole
Three halves
Correct answer: Two thirds
If you share 5 pizzas between 6 people equally, how much would each person get?
Correct answer: Five sixths of a pizza
One and one sixth of a pizza
One half of a pizza
One pizza each
Which of these division equations are equivalent to 4 ÷ 5
1 ÷ 2
3 ÷ 4
5 ÷ 4
Correct answer: 8 ÷ 10