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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will using the formal written layout to multiply numbers with up to four digits by a single digit, looking at it with both pictorial, concrete and abstract representation. We will then develop our strategy to understand how to use the same method to multiply by 2-digit multiples of ten.


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5 Questions

Which of the following number sentences would be the most efficient choice to use when estimating 237 x 4
200 x 4
230 x 4
235 x 4
Correct answer: 240 x 4
Which estimation is correct for the calculation 192 ÷ 8?
190 ÷ 8
192 ÷ 10
200 ÷ 10
Correct answer: 200 ÷ 8
During the lesson today, Daniel created an area model to help with his mental strategies. But he forgot to record the calculation! Can you identify the original question?
An image in a quiz
100 x 5
Correct answer: 87 x 5
90 x 5
93 x 5
I rounded a calculation and got the estimated answer of 560. But what was my original sum?
109 x 4
131 x 4
Correct answer: 138 x 4
152 x 4
Which of the following calculations would provide you with the value indicated on the marked number line after it is rounded to create an estimated answer?
An image in a quiz
104 x 7
Correct answer: 152 x 5
197 x 4
72 x 11

5 Questions

What calculation is represented by the area model?
An image in a quiz
10 x 16
12 x 13
6 x 25
Correct answer: 6 x 27
When trying to estimate 153 x 4, which derived number fact is important to know?
100 x 4 = 400
Correct answer: 15 x 4 = 60
153 x 2 = 306
The nearest hundred is 200
When calculating 313 x 4, which estimation would be most efficient?
Correct answer: 300 x 4
300 x 5
350 x 4
400 x 4
Summer turned to page one of her maths test and saw the question was 2534 x 6. Last week they were taught both mental strategies and formal written methods and is unsure which one to use. Why would the formal written method be better to use for this question?
It is impossible to make mistakes using short multiplication
Mental strategies work better only on rounded numbers
Correct answer: The question requires a lot of regrouping which can make mental strategies less efficient and effective.
You can run out any mistakes you make.
Daniel completed his work in class but when it was marked, he found he had got the following question wrong. He is confused as he is sure he is right and the teacher is wrong! But if he has made a mistake, where is it?
An image in a quiz
Daniel has not made a mistake, the teacher has marked it wrong incorrectly.
In the hundreds column
In the ones column
Correct answer: In the tens column