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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about how Henry VIII managed to get his marriage to Catherine annulled and the importance of the Act of Supremacy.


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5 Questions

What was the name of Henry and Catherine's only surviving child?
Correct answer: Mary
Why did Henry believe God was punishing him?
For breaking with Rome.
For declaring war on France.
For divorcing Catherine.
Correct answer: For marrying his brother's wife.
For spending too much money.
What was the name of the woman that Henry wanted to marry?
Correct answer: Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Catherine Howard
Catherine Parr
Jane Seymour
Why did the Pope not give Henry a divorce?
Previous popes had never agreed to a divorce.
Correct answer: The Pope did not want to upset Catherine's nephew, Charles V.
The Pope strongly disliked Henry.
The Pope was related to Catherine of Aragon.
The Pope would not give Henry a divorce unless he gave the Catholic Church more money.
The term 'Henry's Great Matter' refers to which problem of Henry's?
Henry losing battles with France.
Henry marrying his brother's wife.
Henry not having enough money to continue his desire to take over France.
Henry's closest friend betraying him.
Correct answer: The Pope not granting him a divorce.

5 Questions

What is the name of Henry's chief adviser who failed to get his marriage annulled?
Cardinal Campeggio
Clement VII
Thomas Cranmer
Thomas Cromwell
Correct answer: Thomas Wolsey
Why did Henry need a divorce from Catherine before autumn 1533?
Anne Boleyn would leave Henry if he was still married to Catherine then.
Catherine of Aragon would make a speech in court.
Correct answer: Henry's and Anne's child would be considered if illegitimate when born if Henry was still married.
Henry's chief adviser was being tried for treason.
Parliament were meeting to discuss the divorce.
What is the name of Henry's new chief adviser in 1533?
Cardinal Campeggio
Clement VII
Thomas Cranmer
Correct answer: Thomas Cromwell
Thomas Wolsey
Who did the Act of Supremacy acknowledge as the Head of the Church of England?
Jesus Christ
The Archbishop of Canterbury
Correct answer: The King or Queen of England
The Pope
if you did not acknowledge the Henry VIII as Head of the Church what crime had you committed?
Correct answer: Treason